Colorado Elk Hunting Links

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Colorado Division of Wildlife web sight home page (Click Here)



Remington Shoot! Ballistics Software  (Click Here)

Knowing your ammunition's ballistic performance downrange is key to making successful shots on the range and in the field. Remington Shoot! allows you to analyze and understand a wide range of ballistics information for all currently available Remington factory centerfire loads.



Driving?  Find the cheapest gas prices anywhere, just change the zip code. (Click Here)



Colorado Brochures, choose from big game, fishing, or Mountain Lion  (Click Here)



View the 2012, 2013 Colorado Big Game Brochures  pdf file, Online Now!!! (Click Here)



Check on your preference points or check to see if you drew your Colorado Deer, Elk, Antelope or Bear license.     Hunt Draw Results Search (Click Here)



Left over Licenses (Avaiable around the end of July),

Colorado Leftover Licenses for Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear & Moose  (Click Here)



Colorado Minimum Preference Point Information for ELK  (Click Here)



Colorado Minimum Preference Point Information for DEER  (Click Here)



Statistics—Links for all the Colorado Division of Wildlife offers.  (Click Here)



E-Mail for a Colorado Big Game Brochure & Applications in the mail (Click Here)

Complete an order form for as many brochures & applications as you need.


Planning Tips for Non-Residents (Click Here)  And a checklist (Click Here)


Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency (Click Here)

Check on any outfitter in Colorado, see if they are licensed and if they have any fines or restrictions against them.

My Colorado outfitters registration number is 2123 if you would like to check on me.


Sunrise & Sunset Tables (Click Here)

Astronomical Applications Dept. of the U.S. Naval Observatory



Animated Knots by Grog (Click Here)      If you don’t know a knot, Tie a lot!!!!



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