Elk Hunting Links & Colorado Drawing Information

Here are a few useful elk hunting links and dates to remember to help you get ready for a Colorado elk hunting trip.

New for 2018               Changes With New Purchasing System
Due to the transition to our new integrated Parks and Wildlife purchasing system, customers are encouraged to get into the new system and look up your existing account – or set up a new account for new customers, way BEFORE deadlines.

Existing hunters MUST LOOK UP their previous CPW account and set up their profile in the new purchasing system BEFORE APPLYING​.

If you’ve purchased a hunting or fishing license from CPW before, you’ll have an account, but not a username or password. You’ll need to look up your existing CPW record with your Customer Identification number (CID) — printed on a previous license — birthdate and a unique identifier (e.g. a driver’s license or passport). Please find your existing account, so your preference point(s) and draw history will transfer into the new system. DON’T CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

This  is a step by step guide you can view or print to get you through the application process. (Click below link)


2018 COLORADO BIG GAME                                                               LIMITED LICENSE DRAW TIMELINE

MARCH 1               Applications accepted beginning on this date APRIL 3                    Application & correction deadline                             JUNE 4–8                Draw results posted online                                             JUNE 20                   NEW      License payment deadline                             JUNE 22                   Licenses in the mail by this date                                    Didn’t get a 2018 Colorado Big Game Brochure, download one now.

New for 2018

LICENSING SYSTEM CHANGES: CPW transitioned to an integrated licensing, pass and reservation system in Jan. 2018.

ALL customers, new and existing, need to have a UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD to create an online profile in the new system. See the guide and how-to video online at: cpw.state.co.us/CPWshop

LICENSE APPLICATIONS ARE NOW PAPERLESS: All license applications, for all species, must now be completed online using the integrated system, cpw.state.co.us/CPWshop, or by phone at 1-800-244-5613. Paper applications are no longer available.

LICENSE FEES NO LONGER DUE AT THE TIME YOU SUBMIT YOUR DRAW APPLICATION: Instead of paying all of the fees up front when applying, you will now ONLY pay the $3 application processing fee, per species. If you are 18–64, you will need a 2018 Habitat Stamp ($10); one will be automatically added to your application if you haven’t purchased one already. You will be charged the license price and Wildlife Education and Search-and-Rescue fees ONLY if you draw a license. The preference point fee will still be charged if you are unsuccessful in the draw and do not meet the exemption criteria (see pages 2 and 18 in brochure). You’ll need to enter credit card information in your account, to be kept on file for draw license and preference point payments. See page 16, APPLICATIONS & PREFERENCE POINTS, for more information. Look for instructions on how to create your customer profile and apply for the draw on the insert in this brochure, or on our website: cpw.state.co.us/CPWshop

Preference Point Fees Information

HOW IT WORKS. If you do not hold an active 2017 annual* or biggame license, or do not receive a license through the draw for the species, you will be charged $40 PER SPECIES (for deer, elk, pronghorn and bear), for which you get a preference point. This fee applies to residents and nonresidents. However, residents getting deer or pronghorn preference points will be charged only $30 for each of those. For example: If a nonresident (who isn’t exempt from the fee) receives a point for all four species, they will be charged $160. A resident would be charged $140.

HOW TO AVOID IT. If you don’t want to pay the fee, you have until March 31, 2018, to purchase a 2017 annual fishing, annual small game, annual resident combination fishing and small game, or resident senior fishing license. Customers are also exempt if they
held any big game license the previous year, or draw a license of the same species as which they would be charged the point in the current year. * ANNUAL LICENSES INCLUDE: annual fishing, annual small game, annual resident combination fishing and small game, or resident senior fishing license. Any returned, refunded or surrendered licenses do not qualify.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Hunt Colorado Big Game

Hunt Draw Results Search: Check on your preference points
or check to see if you drew your Colorado Deer, Elk,
Antelope or Bear license.

Preference points needed to draw in my unit (066) 2017.                       Archery elk 21 of 37 applicants drew with 5 preference points.   Muzzleloading 8 of 9 applicants drew with 15 preference points.       1st rifle season 5 of 44 drew with 1 preference point.                           2nd rifle season 13 of 49 drew with 0 preference point.
3nd rifle season 12 of 48 drew with 0 preference point.                       4th rifle season 6 of 8 drew with 1 preference point.

Colorado Minimum Preference Point Information for 2017 ELK drawing. ( For my unit archery EE066O1A scroll to page 8 of 56 & rifle elk EM066O1M to page  52 of 56

Colorado Minimum Preference Point Information for the               2017 DEER drawing (For my unit, starting with archery DM066O1A scroll to page 43 of 61)

Planning Tips for Non-Residents

You can check on me or any Colorado outfitter at the                             (click) Colorado Office of Outfitters Registration.

Remington Shoot! Free Ballistics Software

The demo app is the full-version with a couple of restrictions. You cannot add/modify/edit the demo guns/loads or add any new guns/loads. You can search the ammo/bullet database but cannot apply the details to any load. Also, there is no longer a time restriction in the demo app.

I have the full-version of Shoot & use it almost any time I shoot or sight in one of my guns.

Animated Knots by Grog
If you don’t know a knot, tie a lot!

A new knot I have learned & will use cutting wood & trimming trees is the Alpine Butterfly Loop & Bend.

I hope this page has helped you understand Colorado’s drawing.

E-mail us now at pierce@acsol.net if you have questions about booking your Colorado deer & elk hunting trip.